DNA insights for early childhood education

Individualized early childhood education strategies based on additional analysis of 23andMe or AncestryDNA data.

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Unlock the power of genetics for your children’s education.

CogniDNA combines leading genomics and educational research to help you make more informed decisions about early education for your children.

What we do?

cogniDNA analyzes your child’s DNA data for cognitive traits and compiles comprehensive reports with recommendations on:

Early education institutions

Get to know which courses in your area will be beneficial for your child.

Online educational resources

Learn about online resources that can get your child prepared for school.

At-home education strategies

Do you need to spend more time reading with your child, or focus on math problems instead? Find out.

Resources for parents

See which resources can help you to understand your child better.

cogniDNA report

3 steps to better educational decisions

  • 1

    Take 23andMe or AncestryDNA test for your child

    Once you have tested your children, you not only get to know curious facts on their health and ancestry, but also get access to the raw DNA data file that you can share with us for analysis. The detailed steps on how to get the data are as follows:

  • 2

    Create cogniDNA account, add a profile for your child, and upload your child's raw DNA data file

    Don't worry, we handle privacy and security very seriously and guarantee that the data will not get shared with anyone else.

  • 3

    Receive the DNA-based education strategy report and start acting

    Unlike most other DNA analysis companies, we do not just give you simple DNA insights, but we compile an individualized action plan so that you can get the most benefits for your children.

We bring the power of DNA insights to early childhood education

This is just the start: DNA has much more to say about our children, and we will make sure to bring all the findings to you in an actionable manner. You can become part of the future now!

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