Which Industry is the Smartest in 2023? Ranking the Top 10 Smartest Industries

Discover which industries are leading the IQ race in 2023. Gain actionable insights for your career or business strategies.

Industries with higher average IQ scores often have a culture of innovation and contribute significantly to economic growth.

Ranking Industry Average IQ
1 Physics & Astronomy 140
2 Mathematics 135
3 Computer Science & IT 130
4 Engineering 128
5 Economics & Finance 125
6 Philosophy 122
7 Medicine 120
8 Law 115
9 Social Sciences 110
10 Journalism & Media 105
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Industry IQ FAQ
  1. What industry has the highest average IQ?
    The industry with the highest average IQ is Physics & Astronomy, with an average IQ of 140.
  2. What is the average IQ in Mathematics?
    The average IQ in Mathematics is 135.
  3. What is the average IQ in Computer Science & IT?
    The average IQ in Computer Science & IT is 130.
  4. What is the average IQ in Engineering?
    The average IQ in Engineering is 128.
  5. What is the average IQ in Economics & Finance?
    The average IQ in Economics & Finance is 125.
  6. What is the average IQ in Philosophy?
    The average IQ in Philosophy is 122.
  7. What is the average IQ in Medicine?
    The average IQ in Medicine is 120.
  8. What is the average IQ in Law?
    The average IQ in Law is 115.
  9. What is the average IQ in Social Sciences?
    The average IQ in Social Sciences is 110.
  10. What is the average IQ in Journalism & Media?
    The average IQ in Journalism & Media is 105.
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