How Smart was Sir Isaac Newton Really? The Only Scientific Estimate Online

Backed by robust scientific methods, we've re-evaluated Isaac Newton's estimated IQ to be 130, assuming he would be the top physicist of the 1600s. This isn't your run-of-the-mill estimate; it's data-driven.

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Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

IQ: 130 ± 1.5

1️⃣ The Flynn Effect:

The Flynn effect, which usually inflates IQ over time, stabilizes around 60 for historical figures.

2️⃣ Modern Baseline:

With a peer-reviewed source suggesting an average modern physicist IQ of 133, Newton's recalibration is relevant.

3️⃣ Flynn Effect Adjustment:

Updating for the Flynn Effect, we estimate the average physicist IQ of the 1600s as around 89.

4️⃣ Physicist Population:

About 300 physicists likely existed worldwide during Newton's era.

5️⃣ Newton's IQ:

Newton, being a leading physicist, likely tops the list. We estimate his IQ to be 130.