How Smart is Magnus Carlsen Really? The Only Scientific Estimate Online

Delve into our thorough analysis, which estimates Magnus Carlsen's IQ to be around 176 if he is the smartest person in Norway, and around 163 if he is one of the top 10 smartest people in Norway. These estimates are calculated based on robust statistical methodologies and backed by credible, peer-reviewed research.

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Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen

IQ: 176 (if smartest) / 163 (if top 10 smartest)

🔍 How Did We Calculate This?

Note: Our estimations are based on the normal distribution of IQ in Norway.

1️⃣ Population Size and Rank:

With a population of approximately 5.408 million in Norway, Magnus Carlsen is considered for this estimation as either the smartest individual or one of the top 10 smartest individuals.

2️⃣ Calculating the Percentile:

Being the smartest individual, he would be at the 0.000018485% percentile (1 out of 5,408,000). If he is one of the top 10, then his percentile would be around 0.00018485% (10 out of 5,408,000).

3️⃣ Using the Percentile to Estimate IQ:

A Z-score of approximately 4.5 corresponds to the percentile for being the smartest, resulting in an estimated IQ of 176. A Z-score of around 4 corresponds to being one of the top 10 smartest, giving an estimated IQ of 163.