How Smart is Peyton Manning Really? The Only Scientific Estimate

Explore our detailed analysis of Peyton Manning's estimated IQ, built on rigorous statistical methodologies and supported by peer-reviewed research.

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Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning

IQ: 106 ± 5

🔍 How Did We Calculate This?

Note: Peyton Manning's SAT score is 1030, which we used as the foundation for our IQ estimate.

1️⃣ SAT to IQ Conversion:

We used the SAT score to make an initial IQ estimate, which resulted in an IQ of approximately 106.

2️⃣ Adjusting for SAT Scores and IQ Correlation:

Given that SAT scores and IQ have a correlation of 0.8, we account for the remaining 20% unexplained variance. Assuming this unexplained variance is normally distributed, we calculated a 95% confidence interval around our estimate. The 95% confidence interval is 106 ± (1.96 * 2.5) ≈ 106 ± 5.

3️⃣ Final Result:

Our estimation suggests that Peyton Manning's IQ is approximately 106, with a 95% confidence interval of 101 to 111.