Intelligence (IQ test score)

How your DNA effects your intelligence. Professor Plomin explains.

Only cogniDNA can estimate your IQ test score from your DNA. This is how:

Intelligence is highly heritable. IQ Score is a reflection of multiple intelligence tests. This means that variations in your DNA have an influence on your IQ test score. Reference 1. In general, higher IQ test score means being smarter.

Recent scientific reports show that up to 80% of intelligence, so your IQ test score is inheritable. The rest 20% is environment or "nurture". This means, combining with the information coming from genetic studies, it is possible to estimate a person's IQ test score by only analyzing that person's genetic data.

Recently, scientists have discovered variants in your DNA that affect your intelligence level which is reflected in your IQ test score. People with higher IQ test scores have higher probability to have higher education and higher income.

Our advanced algorithm analyzes the parts of your DNA that are important for intelligence and estimates your IQ test score. Many other websites offer a free iq test where you have to answer many questions and spend a lot of your valuable time. Our difference is that you do not have to answer any questions in our IQ test, since our algorithms only need the DNA data you upload.

DNA is not everything
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Why DNA is only part of the story

When it comes to your likelihood of having high IQ, DNA is only part of the story. The environment also plays a role.

This is good because this gives you the ability to positively influence your environment to manage your stress and other experiences, and mitigate your response. We tell you what your DNA predicts, so you can use read, study, and think harder to improve and use your intelligence.

DNA is not everything

Reports you can trust

Our team of scientists and engineers uses a robust algorithm development process to ensure validity of our results.

The results we give are based on the highest quality research from the world’s leading researchers.

We use the scientific discoveries published in the world’s most rigorous peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Our findings are calibrated based on real world observations.

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