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You would be the smartest person in a room of 252 randomly chosen people!

Your estimated IQ is 137, which corresponds to the 99.60th percentile.

IQ, or intelligence quotient, is a measure of your ability to reason and solve problems. A higher IQ test score means you are able to reason and solve more difficut problems and solve problems faster.

The percentile shows how your score compares to others. If you are at the 90th percentile, it means you would probably be the smartest person in a group of 10 random people.

Discover your IQ test score potential with cogniDNAOur Unique DNA-Based IQ Estimation

  • Intelligence is highly heritable. IQ test scores reflect multiple aspects of intelligence, and variations in your DNA influence your score. Reference 1. Generally, higher IQ test scores indicate greater intelligence.

  • Scientific research suggests that up to 80% of intelligence, or IQ test scores, are inheritable, with the remaining 20% attributed to environmental factors. Combining this knowledge with genetic data analysis enables the estimation of a person's IQ test score based on their genetic information.

  • Recent discoveries have identified DNA variants that influence intelligence levels and are reflected in IQ test scores. Individuals with higher IQ test scores are more likely to attain higher education and higher income.

  • Our sophisticated algorithm examines the portions of your DNA crucial for intelligence to estimate your IQ test score. Unlike other websites offering free IQ tests with numerous questions, our unique approach requires only your DNA data, saving you time and effort.

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Why DNA is only part of the story

When it comes to your likelihood of having high IQ, DNA is only part of the story. The environment also plays a role.

This is good because this gives you the ability to positively influence your environment to manage your stress and other experiences, and mitigate your response. We tell you what your DNA predicts, so you can use read, study, and think harder to improve and use your intelligence.

Free IQ Range Report
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