Orangutan IQ: The Scientific Result

Orangutan's are smart animals. They exhibit a profound understanding of their forest canopy environment, employing unique locomotor strategies to manipulate branch flexibility for accessing food and navigating gaps.

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Engineering the Canopy: Orangutan Cognitive Skills

Locomotion Intelligence:

The calculated 'stiffness score' of the branches they traverse demonstrates their intricate knowledge of material properties and mechanical design, enabling them to maintain stability and safety high above the ground.

Ecological Manipulation:

Through careful observation of Sumatran orangutans, researchers have uncovered their ability to navigate complex, three-dimensional structures by controlling branch compliance, reflecting a specialized form of intelligence that has evolved to meet the demands of an arboreal lifestyle.

Research Insights:

To delve into the scientific exploration of orangutan locomotion and its cognitive underpinnings, review the detailed observations and findings in the study by Susannah Thorpe et al. available here.