Pig Cognition: Influenced by Early Social Interaction

Studies indicate that pigs exhibit enhanced cognitive development when exposed to early-life socialization, displaying complex social behaviors and learning capabilities.

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Understanding Pig Behavior and Intelligence

Social Interaction and Learning:

The cognitive tests performed on pigs suggest that social interaction during the pre-weaning period leads to better performance in tasks requiring social cognition, indicating the importance of social experience in cognitive development.

Memory and Problem Solving:

Pigs have been observed to navigate complex environments and challenges, showing that they are equipped with the cognitive abilities necessary to handle such tasks, impacting their overall welfare.

Impact of Perception on Welfare:

The public's perception of pigs as intelligent animals has led to increased demand for higher welfare standards, further highlighting the need to understand and improve the environments in which domestic pigs are kept.

Scientific Study:

To explore the full extent of pigs' social and cognitive capabilities, read the in-depth study "The influence of early life socialisation on cognition in the domestic pig" published in Scientific Reports here.