Habitual Physical Exercise

Why having a Sports Habit is good for you. Watch this 4 minute fun video to learn.

How we turn raw DNA data into the Sports Habits report

A person having Sports Habits are highly heritable. Underlying this heritability are variations in your DNA that are associated with your eagerness to have Sports Habits. Reference 1

How all these DNA variations act is not yet fully understood, but contributions come from your muscle type, your metabolism, your eating habits, and other contributors. All of these have some influence on you having Sports Habits.

Recent discoveries in the human genome have revealed DNA that effects your Sports Habits.

Our advanced algorithm analyzes the important parts of your DNA and estimates how likely you are to have Sports Habits.

DNA is not everything

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Why DNA is only part of the story

When it comes to your physical exercise habit, DNA is only part of the story. The environment also has an effect.

This is good news, because it gives you the ability to positively influence your environment and work on your lifestyle to create a habit of healthy physical exercise. In short, we tell you what the DNA says so you can use it to inform and optimize the decisions you make about environmental factors and your exercise habits.

DNA is not everything

Reports you can trust

Our team of scientists and engineers uses a robust algorithm development process to ensure validity of the results.

The results we give are based on the highest quality research from the world’s leading researchers.

We use the scientific discoveries published in the world’s most rigorous peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Our findings are calibrated based on real world observations.

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