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How your DNA effects your intelligence.
Professor Plomin explains.

Does IQ matter? Yes. Check our smartest US Colleges ranking to see why.

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Your predicted IQ test score is 134 which is the 98.90 percentile

IQ, or intelligence quotient, is a measure of your ability to reason and solve problems. A higher IQ test score means you are able to reason and solve more difficut problems and solve problems faster.

The percentile is a number which describes your score relative to others' scores. For example if you are at the 99th percentile this means you are smarter than 99 out of 100 people. If you are at the 99.5th percentile, this means you are smarter than 995 out of 1,000 people.

Only cogniDNA can estimate your IQ test score from your DNA. This is how

  • Intelligence is highly heritable. IQ Test Score is a reflection of multiple intelligence tests. This means that variations in your DNA have an influence on your IQ test score. Reference 1. In general, higher IQ test score means being smarter.

  • Recent scientific reports show that up to 80% of intelligence, so your IQ test score is inheritable. The rest 20% is environment or "nurture". This means, combining with the information coming from genetic studies, it is possible to estimate a person's IQ test score by only analyzing that person's genetic data.

  • Recently, scientists have discovered variants in your DNA that affect your intelligence level which is reflected in your IQ test score. People with higher IQ test scores have higher probability to have higher education and higher income.

  • Our advanced algorithm analyzes the parts of your DNA that are important for intelligence and estimates your IQ test score. Many other websites offer a free iq test where you have to answer many questions and spend a lot of your valuable time. Our difference is that you do not have to answer any questions in our IQ test, since our algorithms only need the DNA data you upload.

DNA thumbnail Why DNA

Why DNA is only part of the story

When it comes to your likelihood of having high IQ, DNA is only part of the story. The environment also plays a role.

This is good because this gives you the ability to positively influence your environment to manage your stress and other experiences, and mitigate your response. We tell you what your DNA predicts, so you can use read, study, and think harder to improve and use your intelligence.

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  1. Is IQ inheritable
    Yes. Up to 80%.
  2. Does IQ matter? Some people say it is pseudo-science.
    Yes, matters a lot. IQ correlates strongly with SAT scores and better schools ask for higher SAT scores. So, IQ matters if you even just care about which College you can, or could go to. See our smartest US Colleges ranking
  3. Does SAT matter anymore? I read some Colleges including Berkeley stopped using SAT scores.
    Yes SAT matters as most Universities/Colleges use it. Some colleges made SAT optional during Covid and few decided to not accept SAT scores anymore, to be more flexible in who to admit.
  4. Are SAT and IQ test scores correlated?
    Yes. The coefficient of correlation was reported to be greater than 0.8, which means there is a strong correlation.
  5. Why SAT and IQ Test scores correlate with each other. In other words, why a high IQ person also scores high in SAT and why a person scoring high in SAT also scores high in IQ Test?
    Because SAT is actually based on an IQ test. You can read about it here.
  6. How strong is a correlation coefficient of 0.8?
    Professor Ratner's paper has a very good description of what this means.
  7. Is there a scientific publication showing the correlation data?
    Yes. You can check the Figure 1 of this paper published by Professor Douglas K. Detterman in the journal "Psychological Science" which includes data, graphs and analysis.
  8. Does this mean all students from a higher ranking school are smarter compared to all students from lower ranked Universities?
    No. These are average values. But you can expect a randomly selected student from the higher ranked school to be smarter than a randomly selected student at a lower ranked school.
  9. Does it mean most students of higher ranked school are smarter than most students of lower ranked school?
    Mostly yes. Unless lower ranked school admitted students with low scores more intensely. Then, its distribution curve of scores will be left skewed. Standard deviation considers square value of each value’s difference to the mean. So most students of such schools may still be smarter compared to the students of schools that we ranked higher. UC Berkeley is a strong candidate to fit to this assumption.
  10. Is the correlation of SAT and IQ test score strong for all IQ test scores?
    No. Correlation is weaker at the very high and very low SAT scores. This is typical in statistical analysis as edge values will have lower precision. For example, a Caltech student may be smarter than an MIT student, even though MIT ranks slightly higher in this ranking. Also, high SAT scores will tend to predict lower IQ test scores than it should be and the lower SAT scores will tend to predict higher IQ test scores than it should be, since IQ test scores tend to display regression to the mean for edge values.
  11. Which mathematical formula did you use?
    IQ = 39.545 + 0.068*(SAT score) from Murray, C. (2013). Coming Apart, page 375.
  12. How can I know my IQ test score estimate?
    You can use our IQ test score estimation product.
  13. What is the average IQ in Harvard?
    Average IQ of Harvard undergraduate students is 142.4.
  14. What is the IQ of students at MIT?
  15. Average IQ of students at MIT is 143.9.
  16. Are MIT students smart?
    Yes, MIT students have an average IQ of 143.9 making them ranked second after Caltech students who have an average IQ of 145.4.
  17. What is the smartest university in the world?
  18. Smartest University in US is California Institute of Technology (Caltech) with average student IQ of 145.4. There is a good change it is also the smartest University in the World as US has best schools worldwide.
  19. What is the #1 college in the US?
    California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is the #1 college in US as it has the smartest students with average IQ estimation of 145.4.
  20. Which Ivy League is considered the best?
    Columbia University ranks slight higher compared to Harvard and Princeton in our list with average IQ of 142.9. However, harvard is considered to be better compared to Columbia and Princeton with its long standing reputation.
  21. What college has the most successful students?
    California Institute of Technology (Caltech) students are the most succesful students as Caltech requires the highest average SAT score for admission and Caltech students are the smartest students in US with average IQ of 145.4
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