How Smart is Josh Dobbs Really? The Only Scientific Estimate Online

Discover our analysis of Josh Dobbs' estimated IQ, based on his SAT score and using a scientifically supported methodology. Our estimations reveal that Josh Dobbs' IQ is an impressive 135, which is significantly higher than Peyton Manning’s, whose IQ is estimated at 106. Learn more about Peyton Manning's IQ. Interestingly, our calculations also suggest that Josh Dobbs' IQ is higher than that of Isaac Newton, estimated at 130. Learn more about Isaac Newton's IQ.

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Josh Dobbs

Josh Dobbs

IQ: 135 ± 5

🔍 How Did We Calculate This?

Note: The average SAT score for Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical Engineering majors at the University of Tennessee is around 1402. We used this as the foundation for our estimation.

1️⃣ SAT to IQ Conversion:

Using the formula IQ = 39.545 + 0.068 × SAT score, we estimated his IQ to be around 135.

2️⃣ Adjusting for SAT Scores and IQ Correlation:

Considering that SAT scores and IQ have a correlation of 0.8, we account for the unexplained variance. The 95% confidence interval for our estimate is 135 ± 5, which translates to a range of approximately 130 to 140.

3️⃣ Final Result:

Our calculations conclude that Josh Dobbs' IQ is 135, making him smarter than Isaac Newton, IQ of 130.

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