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How raw DNA data turns into the report we give to you

Around 99.5% of the DNA we share with each other are the same. The remaining 0.5% accounts for the differences between us.

This 0.5% of our DNA has a large impact on how you become you! It influences almost everything about us. From your hair and eye color to how we think.

Recent discoveries show your Mental Health, Fitness, and cognitive skills like math and reading aptitude are inheritable, which means it is based on your DNA.

Our advanced algorithm analyzes the important parts of your DNA and calculates your math ability, reading comprehension, depression likelihood, and sports habits.

DNA is not everything

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Why DNA is only part of the story

When it comes to your Mental Health, Fitness and cognitive performance, DNA is only part of the story. The environment so nurture is also a part of the equation.

This is good because this gives you the ability to positively influence your environment and improve yourself. We tell you what the DNA says so you can use it to boost what the environment provides.

DNA is not everything

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Our team of scientists and engineers uses a robust algorithm development process to ensure validity of the results.

The results we give are based on very high quality research from world leader research groups.

We only use scientific discoveries validated by the best referees.

The results we provide are calibrated based on real world observations.

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