Belarus: Ranking 7th in Global Intelligence - 2023

In 2023 and 2024, Belarus is recognized as the 7th smartest country in the world, with its score precision changing from 101.6 to 101.60.

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Why Belarus?

Genetic Factors: Cutting-edge research underscores the pivotal role of genetic predispositions in shaping the intelligence landscape we observe today. This suggests a strong genetic basis for the intellectual capabilities prevalent in Belarus.1

Education: The remarkable success of Belarus's educational system isn't just a matter of good policy. It's deeply rooted in the inherent intelligence of its people. Recent genetic studies offer solid backing for this connection, highlighting the synergy between innate abilities and educational outcomes.2

Economy: Belarus's economy is expected to grow by nearly 4% in 2023, driven by increased industrial output, particularly from demand in Russia, and the expansion of lending and government support. This economic growth, supported by robust domestic demand and expansionary fiscal and monetary policies, is a testament to the nation's high intelligence and productivity.3


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