2023's Top Smartest Countries in the World

Ranked by Average IQ Scores

This table represents the top 25 nations ranked by the estimated average IQ test scores of their citizens. Use this data to gain a deeper understanding of global intellectual capabilities.

Countries with higher average IQ scores often have superior education systems and higher per capita income. These factors may be integral to understanding your ancestry and heritage.

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Ranking Country The Average IQ
1 Japan 106.5
1 Taiwan 106.5
3 Singapore 105.9
4 Hong Kong 105.4
5 China 104.1
6 South Korea 102.4
7 Belarus 101.6
8 Finland 101.2
9 Liechtenstein 101.1
10 Germany 100.7
10 Netherlands 100.7
10 Estonia 100.7
13 Luxembourg 99.9
14 Macau 99.8
14 Cambodia 99.8
16 Canada 99.5
17 Australia 99.2
17 Hungary 99.2
17 Switzerland 99.2
20 United Kingdom 99.1
21 Greenland 98.9
22 North Korea 98.8
23 Slovenia 98.6
23 New Zealand 98.6
25 Austria 98.4

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  1. What is the smartest country in the world in 2023?
    Japan and Taiwan are deemed as the smartest countries in 2023, boasting an average IQ score of 106.5.
  2. Which country has the highest average IQ?
    Japan and Taiwan have the highest average IQ as 106.5.
  3. Why do Asian countries have high IQ scores?
    Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong have high IQ scores due to factors such as a strong emphasis on education, culture, and genetic factors.
  4. Are there any countries with an average IQ above 100?
    Yes, several countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and South Korea, have an average IQ score above 100.
  5. How do English-speaking countries rank by average IQ?
    Among English-speaking countries, Canada has an average IQ of 99.5, the United Kingdom 99.1, and Australia 99.2, reflecting their strong education systems and socio-economic status.
  6. What are the smartest countries in Asia?
    The smartest countries in Asia include Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China, all of which have average IQ scores above 104.
  7. Why are countries like Japan and Taiwan ranked the highest in IQ?
    Japan and Taiwan are ranked highest in IQ due to factors such as educational infrastructure, culture emphasizing intellectual development, and possibly genetic predispositions.
  8. Is there a correlation between a country's wealth and its average IQ?
    There is often a correlation between a country's wealth and average IQ, as wealthier countries tend to have better education systems and resources. However, it's not a strict rule, and there can be exceptions.
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