Belgium: A Key Player in Global Intelligence Rankings

Both 2023 and 2024, Belgium has been recognized as the 28th smartest nation globally, adjusted its score from 97.4 in 2023 to 97.49 in 2024, holding its position in the global IQ landscape.

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Why Belgium?

Genetic Factors: Research indicates that genetics significantly influence intelligence levels. This is evident in Belgium's population, showcasing a strong genetic basis for cognitive abilities. See more here: 1

Education: The success of Belgium's education system is likely intertwined with the innate intelligence of its citizens, as recent genetic studies suggest a link between education and genetic intelligence. For details: 2

Economy: Belgium's economy, especially its renowned chocolate and beer industries, contributes significantly to its intellectual strength. The Belgian chocolate industry, representing a substantial portion of the GDP and employing a large workforce, is known globally for its quality and innovation​``【oaicite:1】``​. Similarly, the Belgian beer industry, deeply rooted in history and culture, plays a vital role in both the national economy and the global perception of Belgian craftsmanship​``【oaicite:0】``​.


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