Average IQ Canada

Average IQ Canada is 99.5. In 2023, Canada is ranked 16th in the global intelligence list. This ranking places Canada among the top intelligent countries worldwide.

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Ottowa, Canada

Why Canada?

Genetic Diversity and Education: Canada's diverse population contributes to a broad spectrum of cognitive abilities and skills. A study on the diversity of Canadian population highlights the contributions of people with diverse backgrounds to Canadian society.1

Inclusive Education System: Canada's education system is known for its inclusivity and emphasis on holistic development, playing a vital role in fostering intellectual growth and innovation.2

Technological Leadership: Canada is a leader in technological innovation, particularly in fields like AI and digital learning, continuously advancing intellectual development and research.3


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What is Average IQ Canada?
Average IQ Canada is 99.5. Canada ranks 16th in the list of the world's smartest countries in 2023.