Average IQ UK

Average IQ UK is 99.1. In 2023, the United Kingdom is ranked 20th in the global intelligence list. This ranking places the UK among the top intelligent countries worldwide.

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London, United Kingdom

Why the United Kingdom?

Genetic Diversity and Historical Depth: The UK's long history and diverse genetic makeup contribute significantly to its cognitive abilities and talents. This rich heritage plays a key role in shaping the nation's intelligence profile.1

Robust Education System: The UK's education system, renowned for its quality and rigour, fosters high intellectual achievements and innovation.2

Technological Advancements and Research: The United Kingdom is a leader in technological innovation and scientific research, furthering advancements in various fields and enhancing intellectual growth.3


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What is Average IQ UK?
Average IQ UK is 99.1. UK ranks 20th in the list of the world's smartest countries in 2023.