Denmark: The Smartest Country in 2023

In 2023, Denmark ranks 27th among the smartest countries in the world, with an average IQ score of 97.8.

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Kopenhagen, Denmark

Why Denmark?

Genetic Factors: Research indicates that genetic factors are pivotal in shaping the observed levels of intelligence in Denmark.1

Education: The success of Denmark's educational system is heavily influenced by the population's high intelligence, as evidenced by recent genetic studies.2

Economy: Denmark's economy significantly benefits from its culture of innovation and intellectual prowess. The country is renowned for its excellence in sustainable manufacturing and advanced technology. Fields such as environmental science, pharmaceuticals, biomedicine, and food and agriculture are areas where Denmark demonstrates leadership. The fusion of innovation with a robust tradition of public-private partnerships in research and development has positioned Denmark as a frontrunner in creating innovative, high-quality products, thereby enhancing its economic strength.3


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