Hungary: Ranked 17th in Smartest Countries in 2023

Hungary, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and strong educational system, ranks 17th in the list of the world's smartest countries in 2023, with an impressive average IQ of 99.2.

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Budapest/ Hungary

Why Hungary?

Genetic Factors: Current research indicates a notable correlation between genetic predispositions and observed intelligence levels, suggesting a complex interplay of genetics in cognitive development.1

Education: The efficacy of Hungary's education system appears interlinked with the population's cognitive abilities, a perspective supported by recent studies in genetics and education.2

Economy: Hungary's economy faced challenges in 2023, with a contraction in GDP due to high inflation, tight fiscal and monetary policies, and sluggish external demand. However, a gradual recovery is expected starting in 2024, as inflation recedes and monetary conditions ease. This recovery is supported by increasing real income, lower energy import prices, and large foreign direct investment in manufacturing. The tight labor market and high wage growth are also notable characteristics of the Hungarian economy.3


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