Switzerland: A Significant Player in Global Intelligence

In 2023, Switzerland stands out on the global stage, ranking 17th in intelligence with an average IQ of 99.2. The Switzerland again ranked 17th in 2023 with an average IQ of 99.24. This reflects the nation's strong emphasis on high-quality education and innovation.

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Why Switzerland?

Genetic Factors: Studies indicate that genetic predispositions are a major contributor to observed levels of intelligence. This fascinating research sheds light on the role of genetics in cognitive abilities. See more here: 1

Education: The effectiveness of Switzerland's education system appears to be closely linked to the inherent intelligence of its citizens. This correlation is further supported by recent genetic studies that explore the interplay between education and innate intelligence. For details: 2

Economy: Switzerland's economy, particularly its luxury watch and pharmaceutical industries, plays a vital role in its intellectual prowess. The luxury watch industry continues to thrive, with exports rising and the success of the Moonswatch boosting entry-level timepiece sales3. In the pharmaceutical sector, major companies like Novartis and Roche focus on innovative medicines, maintaining Switzerland's status as a key player in global health and technology4.


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