Estonia: Ranked 10th in Smartest Countries in 2023

Estonia, known for its progressive educational system and tech-savvy population, ranks 10th in the list of the world's smartest countries in 2023, boasting an impressive average IQ of 100.7.

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Tallinn, Estonia

Understanding Estonia's Ranking

Genetic Factors: Research underscores the significance of hereditary traits in influencing Estonia's intellectual capacity. These genetic factors offer insights into the country's cognitive strengths.1

Education: Estonia's educational system, supported by the population's high intellectual capabilities, plays a crucial role in the nation's intellectual achievements, as recent genetic research supports.2

Economy: Estonia's economy is resilient and innovative, particularly in the technology sector. The economy experienced a slight contraction in 2023 but is anticipated to rebound in 2024. Estonia ranks highly in economic freedom and competitiveness, with significant advancements in green industries, biotechnologies, and IT sectors attracting foreign direct investment. The government's commitment to digitalization and public service innovation further strengthens Estonia's economic standing.3, 4


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