Cambodia: Ranked 14th in Smartest Countries in 2023

Cambodia, recognized for its dynamic approach to education and cultural richness, secures the 14th position in the global smartest countries ranking in 2023, with an average IQ of 99.8.

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Understanding Cambodia's Ranking

Genetic Influences: Current research indicates a significant role of genetic factors in determining levels of intelligence.1

Educational Achievement: The notable success within Cambodia's education system can be largely attributed to the inherent intellectual capabilities of its people, as evidenced by genetic studies.2

Economy: Cambodia’s economic growth is projected to be robust in 2024, with an anticipated growth rate of 6.6%, pushing its GDP to approximately 142.96 trillion riel (about $34.52 billion). This growth is driven by key sectors like industry, service, and agriculture, with the industrial sector expected to surge by around 8.5%, and the service sector by 6.9%. The agricultural sector also anticipates growth, driven mainly by crop and fisheries sub-sectors.3


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