Macau: Ranked 14th in Smartest Countries in 2023

Macau, known for its dynamic blend of Eastern and Western cultural influences, ranks 14th in the world's smartest countries in 2023, with an impressive average IQ of 99.8.

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Understanding Macau's Ranking

Genetic Factors: Cutting-edge research indicates a strong genetic component in shaping the intelligence landscape, as seen in Macau's populace.1

Education: Macau's educational success is intricately linked to its residents' inherent cognitive abilities, a connection further reinforced by recent genetic studies.2

Economy: Macau's economy is projected to experience significant growth in 2023. The University of Macau estimates that the economy will grow between 20.5% and 44.1%, with a notable increase in exports of services. This growth comes after a challenging period due to the pandemic, indicating a strong recovery and resilience in Macau's economic activities. Furthermore, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts a remarkable growth of 58.9% for Macau's economy in 2023, reflecting a robust rebound from the previous year's downturn.3


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