Slovenia: Ranked 23rd in Smartest Countries in 2023

Slovenia, with its robust education system and cultural focus on intellectual development, stands proudly at 23rd in the global ranking of the smartest countries in 2023, showcasing an average IQ of 98.6.

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Why Slovenia?

Genetic Factors: Studies indicate a significant role of genetic predispositions in shaping the intelligence levels within Slovenia.1

Education: The educational system in Slovenia, enriched by the population's high intellectual capabilities, plays a crucial role in the nation's intellectual achievements, as recent genetic research supports.2

Economy: Innovation and intellectual prowess are key drivers of Slovenia's economic strength. The nation excels in cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and quantum technology. These areas of cross-industry innovation are pivotal in shaping Slovenia's future economy, highlighting the country's proficiency in both the development and application of advanced technologies, thus contributing to its economic expansion and global standing. Slovenia's commitment to digital transformation and innovation is evident in its ranking of 33rd in the Global Innovation Index 2023 and its ambitious strategy for digital transformation aimed at leveraging advanced technologies for economic growth.34


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