Netherlands: Ranked 10th Smartest Country in 2023

The Netherlands is recognized as the 10th smartest country in the world, both in 2023 and 2024, with an average IQ of 100.7 and 100.74, respectively.

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Why the Netherlands?

Genetic Factors: While specific studies on genetic factors influencing intelligence in the Netherlands are not as prominent, the nation's robust education system and high-quality vocational training suggest a strong foundation for intellectual development.1

Education: The Netherlands' education system, with its focus on continuous improvement, plays a key role in fostering intelligence. Initiatives like the leerKRACHT foundation have been instrumental in enhancing teaching quality and student outcomes, emphasizing peer learning and teacher empowerment2.

Economy: The emphasis on vocational education and training in the Netherlands, coupled with a strong apprenticeship tradition, prepares students for the workforce, contributing significantly to the country's economic strength. This approach is reflected in the high percentage of students gaining work experience during their studies3.


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