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World Leaders IQ Analysis: Scientific Insights on Modi, Netanyahu & More

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Explore the cognitive abilities of world leaders. Our unique, data-driven approach is grounded in credible scientific research, offering insights into their IQs.

Our Methodology

We estimate the IQs of world leaders using a combination of public records, educational backgrounds, SAT scores. This scientific approach ensures accurate and reliable insights.

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Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu


IQ: 144 ± 6

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Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi


IQ: 101 ± 5

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  1. What is Modi IQ?
    Modi's IQ is 101 ± 5, according to our analytical models that consider the rigor and selectiveness of Indian universities' admission processes, which have been compared with IQ distributions.
  2. What is Benjamin Netanyahu IQ?
    Benjamin Netanyahu's IQ is estimated to be 144 ± 6. This estimate is based on analytical models that consider the average SAT scores of MIT, his undergraduate institution, and their correlation with IQ scores. The calculation accounts for both the rigor and selectiveness of such prestigious universities' admission processes, aligning them with global IQ distributions.